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Covid 19

We require that all guests attending be vaccinated for flu and COVID 19 with the most updated version that is available to you.


Meet & Greet

The day before the main event, we will be holding a casual Meet & Greet with snacks and ice-breakers! Many of the folks we've invited are from different circles, and we wanted to give everyone an opportunity to socialize and meet each other before the big day. Dress code is loose and casual.

Also it's Cora's birthday, if you don't wish her a happy birthday you're uninvited from the wedding.

Halloween Party Wedding Extravaganza!!

  • Thursday, October 31st, 2024; Evening
  • Juju's Home in Stone Mountain, GA.
    Address will be on invitations.

Yeah, we're getting married on a Thursday.

The main event is a party, ceremony and reception all wrapped up into one event. The dress code is loose— No need to dress formally, just wear something you think is nice! Costumes are encouraged, though we reserve the right to clown on you if you come in some party city shit. <3

No heels! Dress for a grassy, potentially muddy environment.

dress code

Wedding Party & Ceremony

There is no requirement for formal dress! Tidy & put-together casual is the minimum dress code. We will be spending most of the time outdoors and around a bonfire, so we recommend wearing something that's comfortable, suitable for outdoor wear and not super flammable. We will be in a backyard with potentially soft ground, so please do not wear heels.

That said, this is a Halloween party!
As such, you are welcome and encouraged to dress in costume. Costume style can be fun, goth, spooky, fancy, or however you like to dress up! Just try not to look too cheap, silly, or scary.

Meet & Greet

Dress code for the meet is casual!
Dress as comfortably as you like, keeping in mind that you'll have the opportunity to meet a lot of new people gathered together from both of our lives! The event will be in a somewhat small, air conditioned book store. Only dress in costume if you really want to stand out.

travel & lodging

If you’re flying, you’re coming in through Hartsfield-Jackson Airport (ATL). We recommend searching for a hotel in the Stone Mountain or Decatur area— This should put you within a 20min drive to both the Meet & Greet and the Wedding Party. Any closer to the downtown Atlanta would just be farther away and likely more expensive.

There may be a small number of guest beds available, but they will be very limited. If you need help finding a place to stay, feel free to text Cora or Nyana.